If you’ve ever been ‘roadsick’

You stare out of the window.The image blurs and sharpens Your distant thoughts,Colliding into each other like miniature car crashes Your ears are ringing,Soft thuds accompanied by the light sprinkling of glass Your gaze stretches as the cars pile up,The blaring honking intensifying, all-consuming You want to focus,But the tow trucks are nowhere to be … Continue reading If you’ve ever been ‘roadsick’

So you cried in front of *insert someone you barely know*

You might have desperately tried to shield your face from the sudden upwelling of emotion. You might feel as if spontaneously being pierced by wandering eyes seeking out the source of your shame. You might immediately wander off as if to confuse the self that was seconds ago remorselessly weeping. Regardless of what you, the … Continue reading So you cried in front of *insert someone you barely know*

Open Blog Series – “Music & Mental Health”

  When we talk about mental health, our minds are often as diverse as our tastes in music. What excites, what calms, what lyrics are etched into your subconscious for days upon end. Certain songs for certain times that become ingrained in the culture of a club. Think the New York Yankees and classics like, … Continue reading Open Blog Series – “Music & Mental Health”