About Athlete’s Voice

Who we are –

Hi, I’m Andreas and I run the Athlete’s Voice webpage. An experienced multi-sport athlete for nearly 10 years, this blog became an idea when discussing with my counsellor as to how we might better involve sports in the discussions surrounding mental health.

Having gone through the highs and lows across sports ranging from football (soccer) to baseball and softball, I’m still learning about the intricacies of mental health. During the lows I often finding myself as a front-row spectator to my own struggles and would never wish any of the same thoughts or emotions on any fellow individual.

The sad reality being that the UK charity, Mind, estimates “Ninety percent of people with mental health problems have experienced discrimination [of some form].” As a global community, we are all part of the struggle with mental health, so let us help those in need and provide them with a platform and community where they feel welcome and at ease.

What we are –

While mental illness may be difficult to manage, especially given the taxing nature of sports in certain high-stress settings, as an online collective, we aim to provide solidarity to those in need and grow a network of fellow athletes, coaches, clubs and supporters as far as our reach extends.

Additionally, we provide moderated stories in an effort to help break the silence surrounding mental health in sports. We aim to interact with followers and supporters as often as possible via both our blog and Twitter.

End the #StigmaInSports. Support #AthletesMentalHealth.


In a team or not, everyone counts on the support of others. So, support each other in a way you yourself would like to be treated. #AthletesMentalHealth


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